"Thought you'd like to know that your equipment, in large part, make this paper [in Current Biology] possible(and there are two more in the works). Anytime I get a chance to pump Sable to my colleagues, I do so! .This equipment is GREAT." -- Mark Frye, UCLA
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Atmospheric Sciences
Oxzilla II Differential Oxygen Analyzer
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  • Differential and dual-absolute
  • High resolution (0.0001%)
  • Very low drift and noise
  • One click calibration, no external software required

The Oxzilla II differential oxygen analyzer offers the highest resolution (1ppm), lowest noise (<8ppm pk-pk), and lowest drift (<0.02%/24hr) available in any oxygen analyzer. The Oxzilla II is suitable for the most demanding oxygen measurements applications such as Drosophila (fruit fly) metabolic measurement and atmospheric monitoring.

PT-200 Differential Pressure Meter
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The Sable Systems PT-200 differential pressure meter measures differential pressures in the range ±2500 Pascals (approximately equivalent to ±10 inches of water or ±5 Torr), with a resolution of 0.1 Pa and an additional gain range of ±250 Pa.

RH-300 Water Vapor Analyzer
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  • High Resolution Flow through design
  • Measures Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Water Vapor Density or Water Vapor Pressure
  • Easy to Use and Easy Data Acquisition
  • Resistant to Contamination

The RH-300 water vapor analyzer is a high resolution (0.001% relative humidity), wide range (0-100% RH non-condensing) flow-through analyzer that can display and output in units of relative humidity, dew point, water vapor pressure, and water vapor density.  The RH-300 is ideal for determining water loss rates and measuring water vapor partial pressure for gas sample dilution corrections.

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