"Your equipment works like a charm, and has no problem sustaining repeated airline transport. Just wanted to tell you that it's fun using your equipment - besides the fact that we are getting fantastic data." -- Martin Wilkelski, Princeton University
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Metabolic Screening
Our metabolic screening systems are specifically designed for our biomedical customers. They produce accurate data on the metabolic rates of multiple animals in quick succession without making dubious assumptions. Operation is automatic. Raw data are always saved, as are all steps in subsequent automated data reduction, creating a clear audit trail for your data from acquisition to final presentation. This capability is unique
Promethion Metabolic And Behavioral Data Acquisition System
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  • Food Intake
  • Food Access Control
  • Water Intake
  • Body Mass
  • Total Activity Monitoring
  • Wheel Activity Monitoring
  • Calorimetry
  • Software

Promethion systems capture synchronized metabolic and behavioral information, yielding a uniquely rich data stream.


Visit Promethion.com for more information. 

Small Animal Screening System
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  • 4 to 16 mice or rats
  • State-of-the-art accuracy
  • Fully automated
  • Raw data are preserved
  • Data analysis is fully traceable

Our SM-MARS system, which features 4 - 16 channels for animals ranging in size from mice to rats, is one of our most economical solutions for biomedical research. Activity monitoring is standard, as are live-in cages that allow animals constant access to food and water.

Drosophila metabolic screening system
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  • Measures individual Drosophila
  • Automatic operation
  • Up to 23 individuals in succession
  • Activity detection available
  • Widely used and cited

Drosophila are important model animals in biomedical research, and their metabolic rate is an important whole-organism parameter. Our Drosophila metabolic screening systems are the only products proven to yield reliable, research-grade information on individual Drosophila in real time. They are widely cited in the scientific literature.

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