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Data Acquisition & Analysis
UI-2 Data Acquisition Interface
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  • Eight voltage input channels, 16 bits resolution
  • Four temperature/resistance/voltage channels
  • Eight digital outputs
  • Two 12-bit analog voltage outputs
  • Light, rugged, battery-powerable
  • Compatible with ExpeData, LabView (open protocol)

The Universal Interface II is a versatile data acquisition and instrument control interface. With eight high-resolution and wide-range analog inputs for measuring voltages, plus four versatile additional inputs that can measure temperature, voltage or resistance, it can handle the demands of complex experiments. Its eight digital outputs allow it to control a wide variety of instruments such as relays, solenoids and valves. Primarily designed to be used with Sable Systems' flagship ExpeData data acquisition and analysis software, its open protocol allow users to deploy it in many other environments as well.

  • Menu driven: No programming required
  • Unlimited channels and samples
  • Very high resolution, excellent accuracy
  • Flexible, powerful graphic data analysis
  • Acquisition and analysis can be fully automated
  • Lifetime technical support from Ph.D.-level personnel

ExpeData is the product of over 25 years' experience in computerized data acquisition and analysis for scientific research with real-time graphics.  An interactive graphical analysis system with advanced capabilities, including fully automated data extraction makes Expedata ideal for almost any scientific research application or industrial R&D. 

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