Sable Systems Releases Best-In-Class Promethion AC-2 Module for Controlled, Automated Food Access in Laboratory Rodent Environments

LAS VEGAS, September 30, 2014 – Sable Systems International announces the launch of the best-in-class Promethion AC-2 metabolic screening access control module for computer-controlled, automated access to food in mouse and rat laboratory environments. The […]

Sable Systems Sponsors Poster Presentations and Oral Presentations at 5th PPTR Symposium, Kruger National Park, South Africa

LAS VEGAS, September 30, 2014 – Sable Systems International sponsored both the oral presentations and poster presentations at the 5th International Symposium on the Physiology and Pharmacology of Temperature Regulation (PPTR), held September 7, 2014 at […]

Continuous Metabolic Phenotyping – How Continuous is “Continuous”?

A continuous metabolic phenotyping system is required for tracking rapid changes in metabolic data. Such a metabolic phenotyping system must sample continuously from each cage in parallel. Because each cage gets its own gas analyzer […]

Sex, lies, and water vapor

OK, don’t get your hopes up. This will be the last mention of sex in this blog entry. However, we will deal at length with lies and water vapor, especially lies (OK, OK, let’s just […]

Tiny Food Intake Events (Micro-Intakes) Can be Important!

Many food intake events (= food uptake events) are too small for legacy “food intake measurement systems” or metabolic phenotyping systems to detect. Each of these feeding events corresponds to a neurological signal to feed, […]

Combining a metabolic cage (with urine and feces collection) and respirometry: It’s easy!

In some fields of research, a difficult balancing act exists between answering different questions. For example, a researcher may need to measure metabolic rates, while also needing quantitative measurements of urine and feces output.  Measuring […]

Distinguishing individual food uptake in communally housed mice using RFID

Mice are communal beasts, just like rats. They live in groups, and separating them – as required for measuring food intake / food uptake or energy expenditure – stresses them, elevating cortisol levels and leading […]

A solution for bulk photosynthetic efficiency screening

Sometimes strange ideas come into my head. Most of the time, being too busy to act on them, I shoo them away and get on with my life. On this one occasion, though, we had […]